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Folding Machines


22" stahl Folding Machine for 16 pages with Flat pile feeder, Tremat hed, 4 buckles on 1st and 2nd unit with Creasing and perf shaft, Bolt on knife fter 2nd unit, Hang on Shingle delievry for colle...


16 page folding Machine with Pallet Feeder, 4 Buckels in first unit with perf and creasing shaft, 4 Buckles in 2nd unit, 2 Buckles in 3rd unit, Shingle Delivery.


Cont Round Pile Feeder, Digital overhead controls, Vaccubelt, Vaccufeeder, 4 Buckles, 2 elec knives, Sound hoods, shingle delivery


Stahl Cont Round pile feeder with blower padel, 1st unit 4 buckles, 2nd unit 4 buckles, 3rd unit 2 buckles, shingle delivery


Pharmaceutical Folder for doing leaflet folding. Minimum fold length 25 mm First unit 4 buckles Second unit 4 buckles Hang on Elec knife Hanging Delivery Sta...


Round pile Feeder (RF 78 v.2) with blower padel and blower. 1st unit 6 buckles 2nd unit 6 buckles 3rd unit 4 buckles Shingle Delivery




16 page folder, Flat Piler feeder With Treamt Head, 4 Buckles, 2 Electronic Knives, Sound Hoods, Compressor, Shingle Delivery.


16 page Folder, Flat Pile Feeder with Tremat head, 4 Buckles, 2 elec knives, Shingel Delivery



Model:   KD78.1/6.KTL-RD

Age:     c.2004

Serial Number: 704386- 299149

Equipped With:-

1st u...


Flat Pile Feeder with Tremat head 6 Buckles in first Unit with Scoring Shaft 6 Buckles in Second unit with Scoring Shaft 2 Buckles in third unit SBP.D Stacker Delivery


Stahl round pile Cont. Feeder, Digital Suction Gap and Sheet Length Control, 4 Buckles, 2 Elec Knives, Shingel Delivery


Stahl Pallet feeder, 6 buckle in first unit, 4 buckle in second unit, Stahl VFZD knife, Stacker Delivery . Video of the machine: https://y...


Pallet Feeder with Tremat head, 4 Buckles, Sound hoods, 3 elec knives, Pump, SBP Delivery



Guk 28X40, Round Feeder, 6 Buckles in First unit, 4 Buckles in 2nd Unit, 4 Buckles in 3rd unitm Shingle Delivery



Flay Pile Feeder, Overhead digital Control Panel, 4 buckles in first unit, 4 Buckles in 2nd unit, Bolt on knife, Shingle Delivery


Stahl Flat Pile Feeder, 4 buckles, Shingle Delivery. Option of Stacker Possible.


Flat pile Pallet Feeder with tremat head, 4 buckles, 2 elec knives, Sound hood, Mobile knife for 32 page folder, Shingle Delivery. Option of stacker is possible.


Round Feeder, Digital controls, 4 Buckles, 2 knives, sound hoods, Shingle delivery. Stcker optional.


Mini Folding machine with top loading non stop friction feeder. Two buckles, Shingle delivery


Flat Pile Feeder Tremat Head Front Air Blower + Side Paddle Blower DCT2000 Digital Control Unit Counter, Batch Counter 1st Unit 4 Parallel Plates with slitting, s...


Round feeder 4 buckles, 2 Elec knives Shingle Delivery Pump